Modern Snake Oil

The term snake oil has come to describe a fraudulent product or idea in which the purveyor understands the deceptive nature of said goods. In talking with Adam Hogan about the meaning behind the new design, we mulled over the idea of contemporary “snake oils”. This doesn’t mean we were debating the efficacy of male enhancement drugs or whether or not I can shed 10 lbs. in 10 days. It was a broader discussion about how often we believe what we’re told.

When I was a kid, the television dial (literally a dial) at 5 p.m. was turned to the local news. My parents had a subscription to the Omaha World Herald. These were our windows to the world. In the Information Age, however, we no longer depend solely on giant media conglomerate outlets for a connection to the planet at large. Now we are able to shop around for information sources. Great! However, buyer beware, with more variety comes more junk.

The goal of this post isn’t to delve into personal politics but rather bring up the idea that there are certain ideas we find hard to swallow. I know two women that both deadpan told me they didn’t believe we actually landed on the moon. (This is definitely a subject for another time.) I personally think that Ben Affleck was hired by Marvel to destroy the Batman franchise. I know. Heavy stuff, right? It has made for some great debates down in the print shop.

In the meantime, enjoy the awesome new design. But seriously, this shirt will make you faster, stronger, and better looking.


Men’s Snake Oil T-Shirt

Women’s Snake Oil T-Shirt

Snake Oil - Multicolor on Men's Heather Ash and Women's Grey Triblend

Snake Oil – Multicolor on Men’s Heather Ash and Women’s Grey Triblend

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