Calling All Creatives!

How Do I get Involved?” is something we hear all the time in the shop so we created a page on our website that will allow you to submit your art for consideration! It’s easy, just go to and upload your art work. We’ll get back to you within 7 days and let you know what we think! If you’re selected you’ll receive $100 cash, 5 free t shirts featuring your design, 5 free posters featuring your design, and a write up on our guest artist page! Not every design will be selected but don’t let that discourage you. Show us whatcha got! We’ll provide some honest feedback and you can always try again!

Calling All Creatives



So we got a BLAAAWG!! which is different than a Blog certainly in terms of spelling, but more importantly in terms of awesome amazingness. Keep up with all things Curbside from news, events, and other ramblings right here daily. “Other ramblings” too ambiguous of a category for you? Think adventure, conspiracy, science, awkward interviews, space talk, time travel, that’s right time travel, delicious flavors, music, mayhem, international intrigue, and much much more. It’s about to get weird people, in the best kind of way.